Meet Gage

"It always comes down to speed!"

Gage is totally chill. He’s full of real confidence and a natural born leader. When Gage gets behind the wheel of his souped-up lime-green Twin Mill he lets loose as the ultimate speed demon and explodes into high-octane action!

Meet Rhett

"The game just started!"

Rhett is one-of-a-kind! He’s sometimes silly, unpredictable and always a little offbeat. He has a larger than life quality and ok; he eats a lot of pizza. He was born with an uncanny ability to diagnose mechanical problems without even looking under the hood! That particular gift comes in handy for a team of skilled racers.

Meet Wyatt

"Yee-haw! Wyatt-style, baby!"

What you see is what you get with Wyatt! He’s tough and definitely doesn’t have a confidence problem. Wyatt was raised in the swamps of Louisiana. That explains why he’s the best at off-roading, tearing it up in his yellow Baja Truck! It also explains his fondness for the whole “mud splattered” look he has going on.

Meet Brandon

"Initiating auto-pilot!"

Brandon is a high-tech genius who combines speed with gadgets for the edge in any race. A true pro when it comes to using technology to help the team, he’s the go-to guy for upgrades! Brandon drives the super-slick Quick ‘n Sik and he knows that racing is as much about smarts as it is about speed.

Meet Larry

"Suit up, boys, ‘cuz playtime is over!"

Mechanic, inventor and mentor to our team of drivers— Larry is the proprietor of a humble garage that houses a high-tech testing facility that he calls the playground of dreams!



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