Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders & Stealth Rides: Insanely Fast Diecast Cars

At last, super-fast speeds come in small packages with Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders and Stealth Rides cars — remote control diecast cars that are built for insane acceleration. Small enough to fit in your pocket and fast enough to blow your mind, Nitro Speeders also feature intense spinout and precision steering for high-speed drifting. Plus, you can race several of them at once. With Stealth Rides just pop and go, the case is your controller! Whether on a straightaway or a track with loops and spirals, these diecast cars are insanely cool. Once again, Hot Wheels is ahead of the technology curve, offering some of the coolest toy cars for kids on the market today. Go from zero to 600 MPH scale speed in under a second! From their incredibly small size to their amazing performance, Nitro Speeders and Stealth Rides RC cars are the next best thing in toy car technology.