Item #: X9328
Hot Wheels Mutant Machines Mutation Lab Track Set
MSRP: $19.99
Appropriate for: 4Y+

Hot Wheels Mutant Machines Mutation Lab Track Set

Under Hot Wheels City lurk the Mutant Machines! The result of a failed lab experiment, these half-creature, half-vehicle machines come to life in the Mutation Lab! This exciting set offers great action and imaginative play. Drive in new ways and try to maneuver over fun terrains with these bendable, connectable, creature-like vehicles. The adjustable platform secures theMutant Machine vehicles in - then drops them down for a suspenseful free fall! Can you make the jump? Don't get caught by the electric snare! Beware, if you time it wrong, you will get skewered by the snare! Make the landing and speed through the tight turn, then soar down the stairs. Platform also rotates backward directly over a Hot Wheels tab where boys can connect more track, allowing them to drop their Mutant Machines off into new adventures. The Mutation Lab expands boys' imaginations and raises stunts and action to new fun - and funny - heights! Comes with one Mutant Machine vehicle. (Other track and play sets not included) Ages 4 and older.

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