Scan QR codes to unlock cars and other rewards in the game!

Race the cars you unlock!

Download the app or play the Showdown game on desktop!

  1. Look for codes on the back of car packs.
  2. Scan the QR code or enter the code to play online.
  3. Build the ultimate collection and race your cars in the game!

How to play!

Ready to go for it? Login or sign up to connect to your collection.

  1. Want to play on desktop? Take a moment to download the Unity Player - its super easy and fast.
  2. The tracks are levels you win to make progress.
  3. You earn tokens in the game to upgrade your ride!
  4. Unlock features for maximum fun.

Tips & Tricks

Ace the game with some insider tips!

  1. Scanned cars give the best base stats.
  2. Find new cars and scan the pack with a mobile phone.
  3. Hit boosts and ramps to get an edge on the competition.
  4. If you race cars from the same segment in the same track environment (like City, Race, Off-Road or Workshop), they perform better.

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