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Race with your Hot Wheels Car Collection!

Now you can race the cars in your Hot Wheels collection anywhere! Download the game app or play online! You can scan QR codes found on the back of 2014 Hot Wheels car packs or enter codes to add cars to your collection and race them in the game! There are 36 epic tracks, hundreds of cool cars and lots of other awesome features! Check it out!

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Play Your Car Collection

Now you can race cars you collect in the Showdown game online or with the app.

  1. Look for codes on the back of 2014 Hot Wheels cars.
  2. Scan the QR code to your collection.
  3. You can enter the code to play online, too.
  4. Build the ultimate car collection and race your cars in the game!.
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How to Play

Ready to get started? Make sure you login or sign up so you're connected to your collection.

  1. Take a sec to download the Unity Player - its super easy, don't stress.
  2. The tracks are levels you have to win to go to the next.
  3. If a level or anything else, is grayed out you haven't earned it yet! Duh.
  4. You earn tokens in the game you can use to upgrade your car!.
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Tips & Tricks

We know you want the inside track so you can ace this game.

  1. Scanned cars give better base stats than cars you trade in tokens for.
  2. Get out there and find 2014 Hot Wheels cars and enter the code found on the back of the pack or scan with your phone.
  3. Hit boosts and ramps to get an edge on your competition in the race.
  4. If you race cars from the same segment(like City, Race, Off-Road or Workshop) in the same track environment, they perform better. Makes sense.
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